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Our mission is to provide the definitive search, comparison and recommendation engine for financial services

Our Company

Even is a B2B fintech based in New York. Veterans of the finance, adtech, commerce, and software development industries—we are revolutionizing the way consumers search, compare, and get recommended financial services.


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Mar. 2015



As an employer, it is our goal to create an environment of continuous learning where employees at all levels, across the organization, have endless opportunities to make a direct and meaningful impact on Even’s products, services and long term success, while reaching their full potential, professionally and as a unique individual. Even Financial employees are highly engaged in the shaping of an emerging industry and benefit from solving dynamic, multi-faceted and complex challenges across the Fintech landscape.


Dedicated to fostering a culture of camaraderie and teamwork, Even is an inclusive environment that values collaboration. From company-wide Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and trivia nights, to cash rewards and Snappy gifts, Even works to foster a culture that appreciates our employees for who they are, while enabling them to grow and make an impact to our team directly. With every team working cohesively together towards our larger goal—we’re more than just co-workers, we’re teammates and friends.